3 Top Methods To Download And Install APK On Android Devices

Install APK On Android

If you want to Install APK On Android you might be facing very challenges. APK is the short form for Android Package Kit, used by Android operating systems to Install applications on the phone. An APK file contains source code, resources, and all the important components to Install the application. 

Whenever you Install any application from your Playstore, you are actually installing an APK file on your phone. It will be automatically installed and extracted in your phone because you are directly installing it from Play Store.

But when you want to Install APK files on your phone from other trusted sources the question will arise “How To Download and Install APK On Android”. In this article, we will discuss in-depth detail How to Download and after downloading how to open APK files on an Android phone. 

Installation Process Of APK from Unknown OR Third-Party Resources:

As we all know that Android Operating system has a lot of safety measures to protect your phone from malware like trojan viruses and other types of viruses that can hurt your phone also Android took safety measures to protect your phone from hackers.

For this purpose by default in Android phones, you can only Install any application from the Google Play store without any process. But when it comes to Installing any Application from a third party you have to tell your operating system that the source from which you are Installing your application is trustworthy.

The downloading process for every application is the same. But for the sake of example let’s say that you want to download Carx Street APK( A car racing game) from our website. For this purpose firstly you have to Install that file on your Android Phone by just clicking on the download button. After that, the Installation process will start.

Install APK On Android:

For this purpose, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open Your Phone’s Settings App, After Opening Settings of your Android Phone Click On Apps.
  2. Click on “Special App” Access OR ( “Advance > Special App access” )
  3. Tap on the “Install Unknown Apps
  4. After that click on the APK app OR file that you want to Install on your Android phone.
  5. Tap on “Allow From this source” and your required APK file will appear on your phone’s Home Screen.

Installing APK File On Your Samsung Devices:

Samsung devices are also used the Android Operating system but the company used the Android Operating system with a little bit changes. If you want to download APK files on your Samsung phone follow the following steps.

APK Files Installation In Samsung Devices Step-By-Step

  1. Open Your Phone’s Settings
  2. After Opening the settings, click on Apps.
apps in samsung phone's setting
  1. After opening Apps, Click on the Menu Icon with three dots
  2. Click on Special Access
special access in apps
  1. After Opening Special Access click on “Install Unknown Apps”.
Install unkown sources
  1. Now Click/Tap on the slider bar showing in front of the applications, and turn on the slider that is showing in front of your browser OR File Explorer.
Install unown sources slider
  1. Congratulations You are done.

Concept Of “.OBB” While Installing APK Files On Android:

Opaque Binary Blobs is the full form OBB, a file format commonly used in Android Operating System. OBB files are additional files that are used by many application developers when the size of the game Or application exceeds the limit given by any source such as Google Play Store. It contains Resources, graphics, sounds, and other data related to APK.

It is the additional asset that belongs to APK files, also encrypted and accessible only from that specific application. Whenever that application wants to access that file it simply decrypts and used the resources in that OBB file.

In this way, Developers Add more features and functionalities to that application without increasing the size of the original APK file. This approach allows for more reliable distribution and Installation Of APK files in Android.


APK and OBB files are important for internet streaming and downloading applications nowadays. People got very confused that ”How to Install APK files In Andriod Devices” because of no proper guidance. 

In this article, we discussed in-depth procedures for how to do this process on both Android and Samsung devices. Also, we discussed what actually APK And “.OBB” files are, their purposes, and their download process.

If you want to Install APK games on your PC, then you can read our article on “How To Install Carx Street Mod Apk On your PC”. Remember that the procedure of every game will be the same.

FAQs( Frequently Asked Questions):

The answer is it depends on the source from which you are Installing the game. As from our website, it is 100% safe and secure

As Mostly APK files are the modified version of the original games or applications and can not be published on the google play store, so they use third-party resources.

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