Carx Street vs. Real Racing 3: Which One Is the Best Car Game

carx street vs real racing 3 which one is the best racing game

Carx Street Vs. Real Racing 3: Which One Is the Best Car Game? Every passionate game searches for many of the best car games daily. They play different games and filter out the best of them. They always remain very curious about new games to explore them to 

improve. Their gaming skills. They are also very interested in comparing their favorite games to conclude which is the best among them. In this article, we will compare the top two Car games, Carx Street and Real Racing 3, to conclude the best car racing game.

Among them. We will compare and discuss their features, their user experience, and

the requirements to download these two games. Based on this comparison, we will conclude which car game is the best. Also, we will discuss some important frequently asked questions. 

That every average or pro gamer asks. Let’s start our article with the Carx Sreet Racing Game:

Carx Street (Best Car Game):

carx street

Carx Street is the street car racing game that belongs to Carx Tec LLC publishes. It is one of the best car racing games known for its endless features, realistic graphics, and fantastic gameplay. Carx Street has a vast collection of cars that belong to different real-world brands,

with amazing customization features that increase the performance of the car. Let’s discuss some mindblowing features of the Carx Street APK.

A Vast Collection Of Cars:

Carx Street has a collection of 40+ luxury cars belonging to different expensive real-world brands. You can unlock these cars as you pass the level and earn money and bonuses. 

Car Customization Feature:

You can customize your favorite car and show your gaming skills. You can change the color, rims, side mirrors, front, windscreen, and every spare part of the car’s engine. Before customizing the car, one thing must be in mind: the car’s weight should be manageable and not too low as it affects its performance.

Realistic Physics:

Carx Street has realistic physics as a three-dimensional game among other car racing games. Normally, car racing games are 2D and have only X and Y axes, while Carx Street is one of those games that has three-dimensional physics.

Different Gaming Modes:

To engage the gamers with the game and not get bored too early, Carx Techh LLC has designed exciting and enjoyable gaming modes. The name of the different racing modes in Carx Street is as follows:

  • Free Roaming Mode
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Police Mode
  • Drift Mode
  • Timer Mode
  • Racing Mode

These modes have different missions, tasks, and features in them. For example, in Police Racing Mode, you must catch the lawbreakers by driving the world’s best cop cars with ultimate speed. Multiplayer mode allows you to play the game with different players. 

worldwide. You can also play it with your friends and family members with strangers worldwide. The benefit of Drift Mode is that you don’t have to download any other drift racing game separately. You can entertain yourselves in Carx Street with drift racing. Players can 

show their drifting skills by choosing the right car with suitable customization.

Real Racing 3 ( The Other Best Car Game):

real racing 3

Real Racing 3 is the best car game, setting a new trend for phone racing games. This game was developed by Firemonkeys Studios in 2013 and was published by Electronic Arts (EA) for different devices such as IOS, Android, Nvidia Shield, and BlackBerry devices. The

Features of Real Racing 3 are updated regularly, and the game is transformed into its best version ever. Real Racing 3 has different and unique tracks, and more than 100 carx belong to different real-world car companies such as Porsche, Bugatti, Audi, Ferrari, and many more. 

Real Racing 3 has many features similar to Carx Street; some are even more enhanced than Carx Street. You can experience driving from different angles; you can change the view of the car by pressing the view option. Let’s discuss some features of real racing 3.

Amazing Controls:

By playing Real Racing 3, you will feel that this game’s gaming controls are amazing. There are no breaking points provided in the game; you have to learn them by yourself, which will enhance your driving skills. Also, everything is very smooth and easy to control.

Hundreds Of Missions:

Its developers install Hundreds of missions in the game to engage the user. It will provide you with an awesome gaming experience and not let you get bored with the game.

Every mission will be unique and entertaining.

A Large Collection Of Cars:

An extensive collection of cars in the Real Racing 3 contains up to 140+ cars belonging to real-world brands. These brands include Ferrari, Bugatti, Mercedes, and other big brands. 

Car companies. 


In this article, we discussed the 2 best car games. Both games are best in their places. Carx Street is famous for its realistic graphics and gaming experience. At the same time, Real Racing 3 is famous for its collection of up to 140+ amazing cars with  Customization,

features. If you are curious about which car racing game is the best, it will truly depend on your own opinion and choice. For example, if you are a gaming experience and graphics-conscious person, go for Carx Street. And if you play the games to explore new 

cars on different tracks, go for the Real Racing 3.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ):

Yes, both games are free except for some features and are easily available on the Play Store. For Carx Street paid features, we have already provided you with a comprehensive solution on this website.

Carx Street Mod APK is the best car racing game available online.

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