Carx Drift Racing 2 VS Carx Street Mod APK [2023]

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Carx Street and Carx Drift Racing 2 both games are developed by the same publisher, Carx Tech, LLC, one of the well-known publishers for their amazing car racing games. The main difference between Carx Street and Carx Drift Racing 2 is Carx Street is a Streetcar Racing game and has

traditional racing modes; on the other hand, Carx Drift Racing 2 focuses on Drift Car Racing and is known for its drifting gameplay. In this article, we will compare and Analyze a side-by-side difference between Carx Street and Carx Drift Racing 2. It will be exciting and full of-facts

comparison because both games are published by the same company. Let’s start our comparison from Carx Street.

Carx Drift Racing 2 VS Carx Street (A Detailed Comparison)

Carx Street (Street Car Racing Game):

carx street game

So when it comes to car racing games, no one can ignore street car racing games because of their huge fan following. Carx Street is street car racing known for its realistic and fantastic gameplay.

There are 40 plus cars in this game, and you can customize your favorite car according to your need and choice. All 40 cars are not available at the start of the game. Over time, as you pass your levels and promote them to the following levels, the cars and features to customize them unlock level by level.

If you want to play the game with your favorite customized car without waiting for levels and promotions, you can check Carx Street APK. You will get unlimited resources in the game, and there will be no level restriction or rule in the game. There are different modes of the game.

 Some of them are:

  • Drift Mode
  •  Time attack Mode 
  •  Racing Mode
  •  Police Mode

Every mode has its own specialty and gaming experience. As Carx Street is a street racing game, it also provides a drift racing experience in its drift mode. In Police mode, players must catch the lawbreakers and drive the cop’s car.

In Racing Mode, players must finish the crossing line before other cars and secure the first position. There are also a lot of features and Tips And Tricks For Carx Street. Let’s discuss some features of Carx Street.

Critical Features Of Carx Street:

  • Realistic scenery and physics
  •  40+ Top Notch cars
  •  Customization of cars
  •  Multiple Racing Modes
  •  Multiplayer Space

Realistic Scenery And Physics:

Carx Street provides an excellent experience with excellent and realistic car physics that simulates a car’s movement on the track. Also, It provides realistic visuals of the surrounding that increases the gaming experience.

40+ Top Notch Cars:

Carx Street has 40 plus top-notch and impressive cars. Players can select their favorite one and can enjoy the excellent gameplay.

Customization Of The Car:

Carx Street allows you to customize your favorite car and can change the paint, rims, engine specifications, and many more.

Multiple Racing Modes:

Playing in the same environment bores users; that’s why Carx Street publishers add different gaming modes with different challenges to keep the players interested and not get bored with the game.

Multiplayer Space:

Carx Street allows multiple players to play online in a game. They can challenge each other in different gaming modes and compete with each other.

Carx Drift Racing 2 (Drift Car Racing Game):

carx drift racing 2 game

Carx Drift Racing 2 is a popular drift car racing game released by famous publishers Carx Tech, LLC. Mainly Carx Drift Racing 2 is more focused on drift car racing. There is a massive collection of cars in this game.

Players can customize their favorite car and upgrade it to its maximum potential. Carx Drift Racing has multiple gaming modes, including club racing, single-player, multiplayer, campaign, acceleration, and tandem drift. Each mode is unique and has different rules to play. 

All the cars are specially designed for drift racing. Players can customize everything, including cars, drivers, parking, and roads. There are too many features of Carx Drift Racing 2. Some essential features of Carx Drift Racing are as follows:

Key Features Of Carx Drift Racing 2:

  • Realistic and 3d Rendered Graphics
  • Different Car Customization Options
  • A Huge Collection Of Cars 
  • Different Locations 
  • Multiplayer Mode

Realistic and 3d Rendered Graphics:

Carx Drift Racing 2 gives the ultimate experience of realistic graphics with its 3d graphics. With its fantastic gameplay, players can enjoy the ride while driving the car in the real world.

Different Car Customization Options:

Carx Drift Racing 2 allows you to customize your favorite car with many options. Players can change the car’s paint, Replace its bumper, body kits, wheels, rims, and many more.

A Huge Collection Of Cars: 

There is a massive collection of cars in this game. All the cars are top-notch and expensive and specially designed for drift racing with ultimate speed.

Different Locations:

To stick the players with the game, there are many locations on the Carx Drift Racing 2 map. You can choose different locations to drive the car and explore different places worldwide.

Multiplayer Mode:

You can play with different players worldwide through internet connections in online Multiplayer mode. It allows you to make a private match with your friends to challenge them in the race.

Conclusion OF Carx Drift Racing 2 VS Carx Street:

We Briefly discussed both games Carx Street and as well as Carx Drift Racing 2. We Briefly discussed both games, Carx Street and Carx Drift Racing 2. Both games have their own features and qualities. If you are curious to know which one is better, it depends on your want.

If you want to play a realistic base game, Carx Street is best for you, but if you want to play a risk-filled race, go for the Carx Drift Racing 2. Moreover, there are too many Android car racing games that you can download and play.

Faq’s( Frequently Asked Questions):

The size of the carx street is almost 1.2GB. But If you want to Install Carx Street, at least 2 GB space is required in your phone.

The Size of Carx Drift Racing 2 is 6 GB. Your phone should have at least 8 GB of free space to play the game smoothly.

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