Carx Street Mod APK: Top 3 Competitive Street Racing Games

best street racing games

Over time, street racing games get one of the hottest gaming niches due to increasing search volume. Only the number of gamers is not growing, but the number of games and publishers is also increasing. Most of them are just ordinary copies of existing games and do not have their own creativity,

But a few of them are providing quality. Gaming experience to the users. Carx Street is also one of the best car racing games among other car racing games. It provides a realistic gaming experience to the user. It has a vast collection of cars and features to customize those cars,

including spare parts such as tires, rims, car colors, weight, and many more to its engine. You can customize the engine of the car according to your skills. Here we can raise the question, How Can We Unlock these features? The answer is that, as with the

With the increment of level, you will get money and unlock these features step by step with time. But most people among you don’t want to wait a long-time to unlock and customize their favorite car. 

For those people, there is a solution; they can Install Carx Street Hile APK 0.9.1, a modified version with all these features unlocked. As Carx Street is not only the one the best street racing, obviously it has competitors that are also providing qualitative gameplay for the 

User In this article. From these competitor car racing games, we will discuss a few of them that provide every quality that a car racing game should have.

3 Competitive Street Racing Games:

 Let’s start our blog with the list of 3 best street racing games you should download:

  • Real Racing 3
  • Asphalt 9: Legends
  • Need For Speed Most Wanted

Real Racing 3 (Street Racing Game): 

real racing 3

Real Racing 3 is one of the famous car racing games online. It has a collection of a vast number of cars and tracks. Everything is realistic and fantastic. Especially when it comes to cars and tracks, let me tell you something it has 140+ collections of cars,

from known manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, etc. It also has several different tracks that make it more interesting. 17 tracks are taken from real-world locations such as SilverStone, Le Mans, Dubai,

Hockenheimring and many more. You can drive your cars on these tracks and enjoy an amazing gaming experience. Let’s discuss some requirements to download Real Racing 3 on your Android Phone. You need an Android version of more than 5.0 and up to 2GB of 

space on your phone to download Real Racing 3. If we saw a comparison of Carx Street and Real Racing 3, it would need almost the same requirements as Carx Street needed to Install on your phone. Moreover, it also has different gaming modes, such as there is mode named 

as MultiPlayer Mode, which allows you to play with multiple players online in the world. You can play with 8 players in real time around the world. They could be your friends as well as unknown players around the world.

Asphalt 9: Legends:

asphalat 9 legends

Asphalt 9 Legends is one of the best street racing games on the Google Play Store.

It contains a large number of tracks and cars with ultimate customization features available in it. You can burn your tires on 185 different  tracks that are in 13 real-world locations, 

Including San Francisco, Cairo, or Osaka. Players can race in the surroundings of giant tornadoes in the American wilderness and much more! You will be rewarded if you complete 900 solo career events or participate in live 8-player races.

You can create your Club and collaborate with other players to raise its reputation and unlock rewards. Also, you can create your private races and challenge your Club members or friends on different racetracks. The new game is regularly updated with new rides, 

Feature sand tracks are on their way. If we Compare Carx Street and Asphalt 9, the download size of Asphalt 9 is 1.5GB on Android and iOS. If you’re playing Asphalt 9 on Android, you’ll need Android 4.3.

Need For Speed Most Wanted:

The Need For Speed is a well-known name in street racing games that is not dependent on any introduction. NFS( Need For Speed) has many versions, and all are the hottest game games because of their uniqueness. The fantastic thing is that all the games belong to,

One publisher is Electronic Arts. Need For Speed Most Wanted has no menus, lobbies, or restrictions. You can race, play battles, crash cars and explore the game with many things to do to collect the rewards. It is single and multiplayer street racing. 

Game with an open-world environment filled with different places to explore. Just Pick your favorite car and start playing in a nonstop competitive event in the online mode. Six cop cars chased you. Just use your driving skills by choosing your favorite car with ultimate 

customization and show them who you are!

When comparing Carx Street and Need For Speed Most Wanted for requirements to download the game, you need a minimum of 4.4 Android version and Almost 500 MB of free space on your phone to play it easily. 


Let’s Conclude Our Blogpost with some final words and the conclusion of the discussed things in this article. As time passes, everything is getting digital. This revolutionary change has its pros and cons. Street Racing games have become one of the favorite,

gaming niches among game lovers. They need help finding qualitative games. It will take a long time to check these games to shortlist the best games. As Carx Street is the best car racing game for Android, but it is not the only one who owns,

The title of the best street racing game. We discussed 3 top competitors of Carx Street with a short introduction of them. Every game is best and comes with amazing gameplay. But if you ask about which is best among them, it depends on your selection criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Yes, All games are available on PlayStore.

Yes, almost all games are free to download, except there are some paid features.

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